Project Objectives

The objective of the KAMIC project is to develop a Auto-Setup Kit for Structural Monitoring of Critical Infrastructures. Using the latest sensor and communication technologies (Wireless Sensor Networks), it is easy to install and extremely versatile, allowing users to design, install and read data in any type of infrastructure.

Study of monitoring needs

Carrying out the exhaustive analysis of the monitoring needs of the different types of critical infrastructures considered in the current legislation.

Communications study

Carry out a detailed study of the current state of technologies related to sensors, HW platforms, communication systems and SW components that can be applied for the development of ICM SHM systems.

Monitoring Kit

Development of a monitoring kit that integrates the set of elements at HW and SW level specially designed for the types of monitoring that will be required in the CI.


Design and development encapsulated with special features and materials, of reduced size and easily embedded and removable in the CI.

Quality of service in communications

Middleware that guarantees quality of service in the system and independent of the monitoring system of communication technology.


Methodology that establishes the steps to be followed for the construction of a specific SHM system according to the monitoring requirements.

Software with integrated methodology

Implement the methodology defined in a software application that will facilitate the work of the engineer of designing the monitoring system.

Multi-device application

Multi-device application that allows the structural analysis of the monitored infrastructure through the calculation of the typical frequencies of vibration starting from the registers obtained with the sensors for the detection of any failure or change in the structural state of the same.


Validate the technologies developed through real deployments.