Consortium Kamic

KAMIC proyect is led by CEMOSA, and the consortium members are: SOFTCRITS and the University of Malaga


CEMOSA is the leader of the KAMIC consortium. CEMOSA has extensive experience in the participation and leadership of international R & D projects. It has recently started the technical coordination of the first project on road and rail maintenance within Horizon 2020. With regard to the Seventh Framework Program of the EU, CEMOSA currently participates in 5 projects, leading one. CEMOSA has also coordinated another project within the EU's Seventh Framework Program on Railway Infrastructure Maintenance as well as another project of the EU's Fifth Framework Program on Reinforcement of Concrete Structures with Composites.


SOFTCRITS is a spin-off of the University of Malaga which was created in 2009 and it focus in industrial software developing as participant in I+D+i proyects. Since its creation, it has participated in various I+D+i proyects of the "7 Programa Marco", both public and private financing


ERTIS group (Embedded Real Time Systems) have a lot of expirience as participant in big international proyects inside EU area as it is said previously.