What is KAMIC?

The objective of the KAMIC project is to develop a Self-Install Kit for Structural Monitoring of Critical Infrastructures. Using the latest sensor and communication technologies (Wireless Sensor Networks), it is easy to install and extremely versatile, allowing users to design, install and read data in any type of infrastructure.

Structural health

Health monitoring in critical infrastructures


Use of the latest wireless technologies

Easy to install

Easily inlaid and replaceable devices

Great versatility

Installable in different types of critical infrastructures

Real time data

Real-time monitoring data with friendly interface


Tests will be tested on real demonstrators


The project includes validation and approximation to the market through demonstration in three critical infrastructures: the Tunnel of the Ramoncillos in Albuñon (Granada), the Viaduct of Castilblanco (Badajoz) and the dam of El Limonero (Malaga)

Tunnel of Los Ramoncillos

Located in Albuñol (Granada)


Viaduct of Castilblanco

Located in CastilBlanco (Badajoz)


Dam of El Limonero

Located in Málaga


News & Events

Presentation of the project website

The KAMIC project website is now available. In this web you will be able to find the most updated information of the progress of the project.


The Kamic project is developed by a consortium formed by the following entities:

Co-financed within the 2016 CHALLENGES-COLLABORATION program of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

The 2013-2016 State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research establishes, within its State Program of R & D & I, aimed at the Challenges of Society, the strategic lines to which R & I. Within them, the SAFETY, PROTECTION AND DEFENSE Challenge (R8) is contained, towards which the results of this project are directed by promoting the development of new technologies that allow to protect and improve the resilience of critical infrastructures, supply chains and modes of transport as well as increasing resilience to crises and disasters.